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Inspired surf
Inspired surf
You can learn a lot from other people, whether it’s deliberate and conscious or indirect and influential. For this piece, I chose five surfers that have inspired me in a way that changed the course of my surfing life. I feel super grateful for how much I’ve been able to experience.
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Running form
Running form
The way in which you run can make all of the difference. We take a look at the evidence for each form. Heel or forefoot? The evidence as to which technique is ‘best’ is not entirely clear cut. A few weeks back, this blog ran a feature on running form and how to improve it. It included the oft-repeated advice about avoiding overstriding, which causes
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    Really great theme with loads of features. Very easy to set up and configure, along with a whole load of useful extra modules. The extras are ones that have a purpose and will certainly help to make us stand out from the crowd.

    Theme has been quick and easy to setup, with great documentation to help. Having the pre-defined colours is a nice touch, and the theme styler lets you create a new look without being overly complicated.

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    01 April 2015